Guide to buying a restaurant, commercial or cafe bars in Costa del Sol, Spain - Part 2

This article is provided as a general guide to things to look for, things to avoid and do's and don'ts of buying a bar in Spain.

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Below is a list of the general costs of household items were you to consider buying a bar on the Costa del Sol.

It's hard to give anything more than a very rough guide, but since this is one of the big questions when somebody is deciding to move to the Costa del Sol, Spain, here are some examples:

· Rental costs: From 450€ to 600€ a month for a 2 bedroom apartment and upwards.
· Electricity bills: for two people, our bills are 60€/month
· Gas bills: for two people with a gas water heater and a gas stove, our bills are 40 €/month.
· Water bills: for two people app. 30€/month
· Telephone bills: 35€/month, plus the calls you make.
· For private health insurance costs, see Health Care.
· Food: for two people, our food bills are 350 €/month. An average restaurant per person bill is 18€. A glass of beer or wine at a bar is 1,2€. A tapa is 1,5€.
· A nursery for a child is 110 €/month for 5 hours/day.
· A parking space in a garage is 95 €/month.
· A gym is 40€/month.
· A movie theatre ticket is 8€.
· A man's haircut is 10€.

Cost of groceries (30/09/2013)
The prices are updated and are from our own shopping in EROSKI SUPERMARKET
A loaf of sliced bread (English) €1.50
A litre of fresh milk €0.90
1 kg. of sugar €1.20
1 litre bottle still water €0.60
250g. of butter €1.60
12 class A eggs €1.50
Medium jar Nescafe coffee €3.20
1 Bottle red table wine €1.90 (Spanish house wine)
1 Bottle white table wine €1.90 (Spanish house wine)

Cost of petrol (30/09/2013)
95 Unleaded  €1.47
97 Super €1.50
98 Super €1.60
Diesel €1.41

Cost of luxury items (30/09/2013)
A packet of 20 Prince cigarettes €4.45
A packet of 20 L& M cigarettes €4.40
A small beer (local drought) in a bar €1.00 - €2.00
A cup of coffee €1.00 - €1.50

Misc. items (30/09/2013)
To post a letter within Spain €0.40
To post a letter to the UK (normal weight) €0.65

(With thanks to IdealSpain.Com for the above information)

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